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Basic Questions

What is SQUID?
Brief Introduction to SQUID

Do I need a solid sample?

Can SQUID alone determine the composition of my material?
No.  You need to know what your material is or what it should be.  SQUID/Magnetic analysis is not a one step materials characterization experiment. 

Is SQUID the first thing I do in characterizing my material?
No.  Normally SQUID is the final step of the analysis.

How do I characterize my material?
Seek the help of an analytical chemist, a full scale analytical laboratory or materials characterization laboratory.

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Steps necessary to understand your results.

  •  Know what you want to do!

Do your home work! 

If you have a research paper that explains what you want to do e-mail it to us with your request.  Be specific!

  • Write down what you want to do!

The written word is the best method to convey your ideas.

  • Send all of this information to us by e-mailDO NOT COME in person!

If you send us the message first it will give us time to research your request and to give you the best answer.  If necessary we can talk at a later date to flesh out the details.

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